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Living Waters

Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Resources

Online Video

Are You Ready?

The Great Commission

The two videos above are produced by Final Act Productions. Better quality versions are available for download from The Potter's House

Christian Centre in Perth, Australia.

David Higson

Gospel Preacher

Huge resource potential and provider of web space. A great "heap of witness".

Evolution Debate

News and articles about the Darwinian cult at Answers in Genesis

Living Waters Audio Material (Download From This Site)

This page contains a brief collection of audio resources from Living Waters. They're copyright free and available by clicking on the title.  They're in .ZIP format for quicker download. Once safely on your disk, you can unpack them with any unzip program to reveal playable .MP3 files.

The core message of the "Way of the Master" series, Ray Comfort expounds the use of the ten commandments in evangelism. A much needed message for today's church. Don't miss listening to this.

This is the companion message to Hell's best kept Secret.  Here, Ray outlines the difference between true conversion and make-believe sainthood. 

Need a little burst of enthusiasm? John Wesley said that he caught fire and people came to watch him burn. How to ignite your witnessing to inferno proportions.

Attention!" Like a mighty army, moves the church of God." Really? Since when? Re-join the army of God with these marching orders.

Kirk Cameron, a well famous actor from the US sit-com "Growing Pains" presents the same concepts as Ray Comfort on Hell's Best Kept Secret. If you prefer an American accent to Ray's native New Zealand one, listen to Kirk. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same message.

Timed to coincide with the arrival of the movie series, Ray explores the ideas of CS Lewis in his allegorical tale of good and evil. Good for giving to children and young movie-goers alike.

Companion to Ray Comfort's book of the same name, this audio lets you know what some of the more prominent celebrities in Hollywood believe about God. Some eye-openers here as, once again, the Law of God is shown to be vital in gospel presentation.

A man lies gasping his last breath as you administer aid. You both know he's dying. What do you say? Have you a short and sharp gospel presentation that gives him entry to Heaven or would you let him slide into Hell because you didn't know what to say? A sobering message but one that's necessary for all those who share the Gospel with the lost - you might only get three minutes in a bus queue, a lift, a street corner...or even at someone's death bed.

And Finally...   Something To Ponder.

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